We’ve put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions so you may find the answer you’re looking for here.
If not then please get in touch via our Contact page and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Can we privately hire ?

Yes – book online per hour. For any more than 5 dogs, please call 07969 073189‬, email info@lakeviewdogadventurepark.co.uk or send us a message to book

Is the park enclosed?

Some parts of the dog park are enclosed others are not. Only let your dog of the lead if you feel comfortable as the area is very large! Or invest in a long line lead.

What happens on the “Fun Sessions”?

Fun sessions are for you to enjoy with your dog.  You have full use of the playground, lake & dog park. This is not “training led” “structured” session – this is purely for you to use the park with your dog for 2 hours of fun including all its facilities.

Can we bring children?

Under 12s are not allowed on “fun sessions” however you can book our park for private use & bring your children along. Up to 5 dogs & 5 humans (including children)

Can we bring food?

Yes! Bring along a picnic! BBQs are not allowed.

What does a "Birthday Pawty" include?

A Birthday Pawty includes;

  • 2 hours of the park
  • A birthday cake for the birthday boy or girl – personalised & enough for 25 dogs
  • Balloons
  • 25 Pawty cones for dogs
  • 25 Puppachinos for dogs
  • 25 doggy pawty hats for humans
  • Entry for 25 humans
I want to book a birthday party but I only have 15 friends?

This does not change the price of the birthday party package. The birthday party package remains the same even if you have less pawty attendees.

I would like to book a Birthday Pawty, but I have more than 25 friends?

Birthday pawties are limited at 25 dogs and 25 humans per pawty. Sorry but we cannot exceed this limit due to safety & insurances.

Are there toilets?

Yes – a porta toilet.

It is raining is the park still open?

Yes! We do not close because of the rain.