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Lakeview dog
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15 acres of privately owned dog park and lake near Market Deeping.
A Tranquil, picturesque nature reserve for letting your dogs have fun and swim in our beautiful, clean, algae free, man-made lake.

Our Doggy playground has a tunnel, snuffle mats, a ball pit, sanded beach, toilet facilities, and hot or cold refreshments and snacks.

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What’s On

Check out the details of some of the fantastic dog events we have coming up at Lakeview Dog Adventure Park in the coming weeks. There are events for dogs of all breeds and ages so you can be sure your best friend will be a happy chappy. You can then either book a session online or call to book or find out more information.

What we offer

Our adventure park is a large playground and lake for your dogs to enjoy and have fun with other dogs of different breeds and sizes. We can offer a Fun Session for upto 25 dogs, a Birthday/Puppy Pawty for up to 25 dogs or a Private Session for up to 5 dogs.

Benefits of doggy
play sessions


Socialisation is incredibly important to your dog’s wellbeing. Allowing your dog to play with others in a safe environment helps to relieve anxiety and stress after a day away from you, and also gets them accustomed to public spaces and interactions with other people. Dog parks are an excellent place to socialise and dogs can usually interact with others of all shapes, ages, breeds and sizes.

Mental stimulation

Dogs who interact and play with each other get lots of mental stimulation. This added stimulation will often help curtail destructive or annoying behaviors at home.

Physical Health

Canine obesity is a real issue, and it can be difficult for dogs to stay in shape. This is especially true when you consider the fact that many breeds require up to three regular walks per day. Allowing your pup to run and play at a dog park provides them the opportunity for exercise that they otherwise would not get. Just like humans, dogs need a variety of activities to stay healthy.

Most of all HAVE FUN!


Fill out an owner profile followed by a dog profile for each dog you wish to attend. Each dog profile is valid for 12 months and will require keeping up to date annually.


Book a two hour play session on a date that suits you. Add up to 3 dogs per human and simply pay online through PayPal or Debit Card to confirm your booking.


Turn up 10 mins before your time slot, then enjoy a fun session with your dogs in freedom of the lake and spacious park area with enriching toys, tunnels, ball pits and more.